Making melodies in my heart

Most of my grade school education was done at home, other than two years at a small private school. There were many benefits of homeschool including having time to care for all of my pets, learning from my creative artist mother, learning fractions by baking, reading novels on my bed, writing letters on our new computer, and taking holidays in September. My favourite research project was the history of dogs and cats.

When I was 15 and my sister was 17, our academic demands grew to the point where my sister and parents decided that it was time for us to go to school. Gladstone Secondary was the nearest institution. The principal was delighted to meet two well-mannered homeschoolers. “We’ll do whatever it takes to enroll you” she said.

A lot of people have asked me if it was a shock to go to public school after homeschooling for so long.  It wasn’t really a shock. I had watched tv shows and movies and heard stories from friends. I got lost a couple of times and it was a little weird to see classmates making out in the hall.  I had also never used a combination lock before, so on the first day I put the lock on backwards and had to ask for help in getting it off. I wasn’t the most popular kid but I made great friends from day 1 and I was never bullied. People were overall friendly.  Best of all, I got to sing…


A Singer’s Poem

 Melody Soprano was what my red sweater sleeve said

Folk songs and classics soared in my head

At 7:30 am the Gladstone Concert Choir gathered to sing

If anyone came late you could hear a pin ting


For Miss Suderman could stare down 100 highschool students

She challenged us to be excellent, disciplined and prudent

With a shaky voice I called my dad before my senior ensemble audition

“You’ll make it Mel.” He declared, “all of your work will come to fruition”.


A crowd of teens stood around the paper

Would my vocal dream continue or would it taper?


As a child I didn’t like my name Melody

It sounded to many like Melanie

The mean kids cried, “smelly Melly”

‘Cause I didn’t really like my baths

The hardest part was when everyone would laugh

I bet my brother $100 I wouldn’t be a singer

I found out my dad wanted to name me something cool like Tamara

Not fair! I cried to Mom who had named me from

 an ancient old fashioned era


But one voice teacher, Evie was her name

Saw something in me, a voice no one could blame

She watered my talent and brought it to the light

She said, “All gifts are from God and beautiful in his sight”


So there I stood in the hall

Maybe I could be Melody after all

For there was my name in black and white

The red sweater was mine, I had won the fight

The time was changed to 7:30 in the evening

I still wasn’t quite believing

That I could sing a high B without really screeching

We were a family of singers with a beautiful leader

The music for me was a wonderful healer


Holiday assemblies were my favourite

We sang all day, I missed English Lit

Teachers signed the line and I was free

Skipping math class filled me with glee


On the bus, on the skytrain I sang out the window

If my friends were beside me then we sang together


One February the choir boarded a plane to Phoenix

It was so hot I needed some Kleenex

To wipe my brow as I looked at a cactus

Ten feet tall it towered above us


A high school had called us to join them

For a workshop and concert, can’t think of a word to rhyme

On our way we stopped at a festival, again yikes!

Eastside and Westside of Vancouver united, Gladstone and Magee

Singing in harmony (cheezy)


We were the only Canadians in line

But we did amazingly fine

Achieved the top score and praises galore

Made me want to travel some more


The part that made people weep was when three choirs gathered to greet

The Arizona parents, school staff and friends

We gave them a memory that wouldn’t end

Red sweaters were gone only black ties and dresses

With a cello and piano to support us

We sang ‘O My Love’s Like a Red Red Rose’

A love song that spoke deeply to Melody Rose


The PAC committee played the video for our parents

My dad still brings it to my attention

What a gift Gladstone choir was to my life

And now I am a singing wife 🙂 (with a singing groom)


I paid Daniel $100 dollars

Just before Good Noise choir performed in the cathedral

I sing the melodies that are composed in my head 

At many a wedding I sang  words that came while lying in bed

At church I led people in musical worship 

Miss Suderman, those voice exercises were definitely worth it! 

I could not do this without my family and friends

kind pastors and leaders, teachers and borrowed pianos


Most of all I give thanks to the One who made it all

I am his instrument,  His love alone makes me stand tall. 








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