Music again

I stumbled upon this app while looking for chords. When the recording option was presented I hesitated. In 2017 I started a YouTube channel and stressed myself out with too many takes and, in my opinion at the time, not enough likes or follows.

I have an undying dream of being a music performer. I say undying because I have tried to squelch it many times. “It’s too arrogant”, “I am not good enough” and other excuses flooded through my mind.

But the dream carries on and brings me joy and maybe will bless others too.. so here I am again. Unlike 2017 though, this time will be different.

Many people use the hashtag #unfiltered when they post photos. This will be unfiltered music. 1 take. Also I will be just fine if there not any or many likes.

Covers songs at first and maybe my songwriting will revive and there will be some originals too.

My goal is to post one song a week on Fridays.

The adrenaline is flowing. Excitement is building… we’ll see where this goes!

I will create a separate music page on this site with updates links so check that out if you’re interested.

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