Poetry book coming!

I have had the dream to write a book for a while and now is the time to put the pedal to the metal! I am working on a book of poems about motherhood. Many of the poems are taken for blog posts and revamped. Others are originals. Writing and editing them has been a fun journey so far! I have the ambitious goal of releasing the book on Amazon next Spring and raising the $120 needed to keep my personal blog domain for another year.

Whenever you say yes to one thing you must say no to something else. Therefore, I will be redirecting my writing energy from here to there for the next few months. I will post occasional progress reports on the book and let you know the details when it is ready!

I want to say another thanks for reading and following this site. You have helped my writer’s dream come alive!!

Many blessings!!

2 thoughts on “Poetry book coming!”

  1. Yay!!?
    I too want to make a book of poetry and or devotional writings!
    It takes dedication of time and resources, of which I appear to have too little, unfortunately!
    I HOPE I will make an honest effort before passing from this life (I’m almost 72!). It would be nice to leave something concrete behind…..
    I wish you every success!


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