Family business part 2.

In a previous post, Stepping off the Cliff, I shared of the big vocational change that happened when my husband took paternity leave.

Today Forest released his first YouTube video from Forest Li Finance. It has been almost two years since he left a secure white collar profession and began to forge a new entrepreneurial path. We actually joke about how it’s like he has been pregnant with his business baby. We didn’t know what it would look like or when it would pop out but a new life was undoubtedly growing inside.

Forest is not like me. I am impulsive, wanting action before process and practice. I spill out raw blog posts and first take videos because I think that if I wait too long and tweak too much then my creativity will disintegrate.

Forest, however, researches and refines. He buys fancy gear and software and takes multiple courses in how to perfect his YouTubing skills.

Oh how we need each other. He slows me down and I kick his butt. So after a long time of him labouring, editing, wondering and hearing me say, “you need to do something and get yourself out there!” And hearing God say much more gently, “I am with you. Keep trusting and walking forward.” Forest Li Finance has been born and announced to the world.

Here is the link to his video again if you don’t want to scroll up . I am unashamedly proud of my hubby and I know that each episode in his teaching series will just get better and better. And who knows? Maybe some of his professionalism will rub off on me. Maybe…

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