A letter to my MP

In a time where social media and news is filled with American politics, my mind is heavy on a Canadian issue.

Below is a letter to my MP and some links to articles. I am working on a more academic research paper but I couldn’t wait till then to share my heart. I am grateful for this blog as a platform.

Dear MP,

I am writing to share my concerns about Bill C-7 which relaxes the laws around MAID.
– Removing the need for final consent. Everyone, including those with mental deterioration, should have the right to change their mind and have that be honoured.
– Waiving the ten day waiting period for those with terminal illness. Really?! This such a huge decision that will fluctuate in people’s minds. In any major decision we encourage people to take time to think and reflect. If this is passed then waiving the 90 day waiting period for those without terminal illness will soon follow, no doubt.
– Provides the opportunity of euthanasia for anyone who finds their physical or psychological suffering “intolerable” with no forseeable death. That is extremely subjective. As humans we all experience seasons of hardship that is deemed intolerable. I realize that I am writing this as a healthy young person and I cannot put myself in the shoes of those who are experiencing extreme suffering. However, I have experienced mental health break down and illness and the struggle to stay alive for just one more day without killing myself. I was hospitalized several times and kept safe. Thank God, instead of giving me what I thought I wanted I was encouraged and supported in moving forward. Would that be the case if this bill passes?
I recently saw a report that shows how much money MAID is saving our government. (Attached below) My deep fear is that instead of investing the desperately needed funds into palliative care and mental health that there will instead be promotion of the “cheaper” option.
I know that there can be arguments made against each of my points and I am not the most professional writer. I am a young mother in your riding who is deeply deeply concerned for my nation and instead of just venting on Facebook I decided to write you. I spent 6 years working in home support for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Those people will always be in my heart and I remember the difference that was made with kind words and quality care. I remember people bravely receiving help with incontinence and feeding and bathing while still maintaining their dignity and teaching me invaluable lessons about character. What on earth are we teaching our children if we find that the solution to suffering is a lethal injection? The same treatment that was given to prisoners to death row but has since stopped because it was considered inhumane in 1998. Perhaps by the time my daughter is old enough to learn about Euthanasia it will be available for children too.

Thank you for reading,

Sincerely, Melody Li

Liberal party plans and proposed legislation

Vancouver Study on reasons why people choose Euthanasia

Where we could end up

Updated news and petitions.

I know this is a sensitive controversial issue and I do not know all the sides and perspectives. I can only speak from my heart, experience and convictions. I want to keep learning and growing. Thank you for reading.

1 thought on “A letter to my MP”

  1. Thank you for your perspective on this, and your courage in writing to address it! It is a good example of positive action to question policy, not simply accept it when we disagree!


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