Simple Gourmet

Once in a while I make fun culinary discoveries that may benefit others. Sit back and enjoy this light, non confrontational or political or pandemic related post and then head to your kitchen!

My family is on a tight budget right now which means I want to use everything I find in the pantry on my grocery shopping day. Last week when I found half a package of lemon pie filling mix I did not have the energy to make a pie. I did, however, want ice cream…

So into a pot I put the mix with coconut milk (you could use any type of milk or cream) instead of water and an egg. I heated it until thickened, cooled it down and threw it in the freezer. First it became a pudding and then it became ice cream! Both are delicious. Sprinkle some shortbread cookie crumbs on top and you have reconstructed lemon pie.

Today’s gourmet discovery was soup. My daughter and I had just come from the library and I needed a quick lunch. I opened the cupboard to face a single can of neglected pea soup. Neglected because it was my staple when pregnant, sick and on a fluid only diet with HMF virus. I grabbed a few cans again recently not knowing that the flavour would trigger those less than pleasant memories. 🤮 The first can ended up in the garbage after one spoonful.

I was just about to grin and bare it when the eureka moment came. Freshly squeezed lime juice and smoked paprika.

My foody, very high standard husband had the first spoonful and proceeded to eat a whole bowl. My daughter tried to figure what colour it was and eventually settled with orange. She enjoyed dipping her bread in it.

I think partly why I feel so excited about this is because when we first married I could afford gourmet $9 soup. I could afford the organic designer sorbet. Now sometimes I have cans of soup and half opened packages of pie mix. But the gourmet remains. And I feel inspired by the creative challenge. Maybe even more than the days after grocery shopping when our fridge is full and ingredients abound. Now what could be done with that bag of white beans? ….

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