New Year’s Poem

This song by Bethel has been playing in my mind all day, which is pretty normal but the response of my heart was not.

These are the lines that were playing in my head: (full lyrics here)

“Have It All”

You can have it all, Lord
Every part of my world
Take this life and breathe on
This heart that is now Yours

This was my response:

You can’t have it all Lord. I’m holding on to some pieces. I don’t want to lose control. I need to be strong on my own. Cause what if I fall and you’re not there? I say that I trust you and I say that I believe. I say that I will surrender and lose my life but what does that really mean? You can have my money… or at least the part that I have designated. You can have my breath but quick ones ‘cause I don’t have time to slow down and breath in deep. You can have my new year cause it will be easier then.

A quiet loving voice replies:

“ I don’t want grand promises for the future.

I know that sometimes you feel alone and afraid and that is okay. Give me this moment right now. As you sit crib-side waiting for your daughter to close her eyes. As you stand in the kitchen typing on your phone surrounded by dirty dishes. Not tomorrow, not next year. This second, this breath, this step






1 thought on “New Year’s Poem”

  1. Love it. It is the truth ain’t it? Do we ever all surrender all? In our hearts..boy do we want to. Lord take away our fears of doing so!


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