I think I have started so many blog posts saying “I am supposed to be working on my book but I just had to write this post..” I am happy to say that I can now freely blog without worrying about my deadline because…

Mama Poems is now available on Amazon everywhere in paperback and ebook versions.

Here is a copy of the description:

A poetic journey through motherhood from conception to toddler years. From exhaustion to exhilaration, cozy snuggles to desperate cries for sleep, you may relate to, remember, or simply enjoy reading about the many moments of life with a child. 

“Melody Li captures the heart and challenge of motherhood, with it’s soaring emotions and times of doubt. Her work will inspire you, remind you that you are not alone in your mothering journey, and will celebrate with you the encompassing joy and stretching growth that is motherhood.”
– Julie Lyles Carr, host of allmomdoes podcast and best-selling author of Raising an Original.

So to all of you who have been cheering me on by reading my posts and helping me see that a book was possible, thank you. I am so happy to be done fiddling with Kindle Design and excited about the future.

My word of encouragment for you today is: don’t give up! Keep pressing on toward the goal even when it seems like you will never get there.

big hugs!

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