Oh, Music

you were here for the dark times, you melt my brain with joy every single time you sing. You make me carefree, drowning out the noise of so many, taking all the worry away. You take me to a place where there is no path with the voices of many looming, a place so great where no person can interrupt, with beautiful flowing notes, the same as a calm river, birds singing to their heart’s content making the day more beautiful than ever. The world used to be so quiet before you appeared, it was lonely and sad, nobody wanted to stay, but you came along and everything was okay. Suddenly everybody was making music, finding talent which they never knew was there. People were making beautiful songs that were sure to please, putting everyone’s mind at ease

– Isaiah Conchie

This poem captures so many of my loves: music (of course), nature, hope, poetry and…

my nephew Isaiah who is celebrating his 14th birthday today.

I love this poem because it is so relatable. I can think many times when music has been the friend that I needed at awkward parties in my 20s and now wrangling a toddler in my 30s.

I also love this poem because catching a glimpse into a teenager’s heart is a rare gift.

And this glimpse I share very proudly.

Happy Birthday Isaiah.

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