First Song

It happened when I was playing “little person land” with my big brother. I was around 8 or 9. He had his action figures, I had my barbie dolls and together they made an amazing world within our Vancouver home. Each room was a different country. Dining room chairs were highrise buildings standing amid frequent car chases around their legs.

“We need a theme song.” My brother said. We thought about it and out of the blue these words poured out of my mouth.

“Come in and fill me with sunshine, come in, chase all the dark clouds away. Come in and fill me with your love. I want to live with you for eternity.”

So the weird thing about the song is that I was singing the song about Jesus and although we were Christian kids, Jesus didn’t really come up in Little Person land. It was far more common for my brother’s action figures to have gangster fights and for my barbies to chase their bratty little strawberry shortcake dolls around their book shelf mansion.

The song didn’t really have anything to do with Little Person Land. But it had been marinating in my heart and this was the invitation I needed to let it out. You never know where Jesus is going ot show up in your life.

I felt the invitation to pursue song writing/producing this evening as I went for a long walk. An hour and a half walk. My muscles are really sore. It’s amazing how fast and far I can go without a toddler. I think this the longest walk I have had in two years. More than two years because I certainly didn’t walk that far when I was pregnant.

Anyway, in this glorious new freedom I realized that I have the ability to write songs and send them out but fear has been holding me back from doing it well. I would much rather throw together a haphazard instant production then really put in the time to make quality videos. My husband is a good example of spending hours on his Forest Li finance youtube channel. I am a mother of a toddler so I don’t quite as much time as him but on my walk I felt inspired to give a little bit more into it.

So the music video I was going to link today is not here yet. I have to get Forest to teach me how to use imovie and take some B roll and sync it with the music etc..

So while you are waiting for my masterfully created music productions here is the video of that first childhood song.

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