It would be an understatement to say that 2021 has not started quite as everyone hoped. COVID with all that it entails did not vanish at midnight, December 31. My first phone call of the year was to let me know that my brother was just about to have an emergency appendectomy. All is well… Continue reading Grounded

New Year’s Poem

This song by Bethel has been playing in my mind all day, which is pretty normal but the response of my heart was not. These are the lines that were playing in my head: (full lyrics here) "Have It All" You can have it all, LordEvery part of my worldTake this life and breathe onThis… Continue reading New Year’s Poem

To my readers

A recent blogger workshop included the assignment to create an avatar to represent my readers, my audience. My husband’s YouTube course instructor told him to “know his audience”. So I scrolled through the list of my followers and well, creating one avatar to represent all of you wouldn’t be possible. Different nations; different blogs represented… Continue reading To my readers